Global Pitch 2019

- Smart Cities

Tying Together Data and Design to Create Smarter Cities

It is no secret that today’s cities face a multifaceted issue linking ecological, societal and economic concerns - which is only exacerbated by the increasing rate of urbanization. More city dwellers will need more space, cleaner air and more efficient energy - not to mention improved mobility and wellbeing.

Solving these challenges is no easy task. But a few things are clear about tomorrow’s cities: 1) they will need to better utilize data to run more efficiently 2) more human-centric products need to be deployed to better serve the needs of city dwellers and 3) more collaborations need to happen between all types of organizations - large and small - to accelerate progress.

For this year’s Global Pitch - hosted by Digital Garage - we invite startups involved in the Smart City space to pitch their ideas in front of an audience of key industry players from both the private and public sectors from Japan and other parts of the world. The event aims to facilitate knowledge-exchange and collaborations between large organizations in search for innovative solutions and cutting-edge startups. The startups will be nominated and evaluated by investors part of Digital Garage's Global Incubation Stream - a network of innovation hubs spanning Asia, Europe and the US.

Time & Date

2:30pm-5:10pm, November 6, 2019


DG717 Suite#100
(717 Market Street, San Francisco)

Tickets (Free)

This event will be hosted one day prior to the New Context Conference (NCC SF) 2019.

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*subject to change

Global Pitch
Lightning Talks (Introduction of Open Network Lab, Japanese market entry cases with Digital Garage)
Announce Winners of Global Pitch (audience award, best pitch award)
Closing Remarks

In collaboration with innovators
from around the world


*subject to change

Yoshinari Yoshikawa

Partner and CEO,
Golden Whales Group

Phil Libin

Co-founder and CEO,
All Turtles

Nao Ito

Operating Partner,

Adam Lindemann

Partner and Group CEO,
Mind Fund

Ryotaro Bordini Chikushi


Eric Lagier

Managing Partner,

Brian Yeh

Chief Investment Officer,
DG Incubation

Kaoru Hayashi

Representative Director, President Executive Officer and Group CEO,
Digital Garage

Rei Inamoto

Founding Partner,

Peter Rojas

Betaworks Ventures


*subject to change

Hosted by

Digital Garage

Open Network Lab Resi-tech

Open Network Lab Fukuoka