About Digital Garage US, inc.


The DG717 Coworking Space has a parent company based in Tokyo named Digital Garage, inc.  Digital Garage been creating internet businesses between the US and Japan for over 20 years. DG717 was opened to help US start-ups with their Japan/Asia export and to help Japanese start-ups succeed in the Silicon Valley.

DG717 is operated by DGUS, Inc., a US headquarters for Digital Garage, Inc.

Digital Garage founders: Kaoru Hayashi and Joi Ito (photo from The Quiet Comeback by Casey Wahl)

About Digital Garage

Digital Garage (www.garage.co.jp) is an innovative Japanese tech company. For nearly 20 years, DG continues to provide new contexts by implementing its three core business globally: Digital Marketing, Start-up Incubation and Internet Payment Business. Founded by Kaoru Hayashi and Joichi “Joi” Ito in 1995, DG has led the internet revolution in Japan by making alliances with top IT companies like Twitter, Betaworks and Wikia then bring their businesses into Japanese market. Digital Garage also runs Open Network Lab (Onlab), one of the most successful startup incubators in Asia.


DGUS, the headquarter for DG group in US, provide the following businesses and services:

  • Event planning and management for business promotion or sale.
  • Arranging and organization of seminars.
  • Conducting of seminars in the field of information technology, marketing technology and financial technology.
  • Educational services, namely, training and instruction services relating to arts, crafts, sports or general knowledge, namely, information technology, marketing technology and financial technology.
  • Providing information by the Internet about events for educational and cultural purposes relating information technology, marketing technology and financial technology.
  • Providing technical advice and support relating to performance and operation of computers that require high levels of personal knowledge, skill or experience of the operators to meet the required accuracy in operating them.
  • Computer programming.
  • Analysis and consultancy for marketing research.
  • Capital investment services.
  • Settlement of payment, namely, bill payment services provided through a website.
  • Creating and maintaining web sites.
  • First Penguin award ceremonies and gala evenings for entertainment purposes.
DG First Penguin Logo

DG First Penguin Logo