Welcome to DG717, we are a coworking, event and pop up space located in the heart of downtown San Francisco. Home to new cultures, business, art and more our multifunctional space offers services and opportunities tailored for startups and industries of any size.

About DG717

Based in San Francisco, DG717 is the US branch of Japanese IT company Digital Garage. Opening its SF doors in November of 2013 to strengthen efforts in investing, incubating, localizing and connecting with local startups, DG717 operates a co working, event, pop up space and DG Lab’s west coast based open innovation center, DG Lab.

DGUS, Inc. DGUS: headquarters for DG Group in the US provides the following businesses and services:
  • Event planning and management for business promotion or sale
  • Arranging and organization of seminars
  • Conducting of seminars in the field of information technology, marketing technology and financial technology
  • Educational services, namely, training and instruction services relating to arts, crafts, sports or general knowledge, namely, information technology, marketing technology and financial technology
  • Providing information by the Internet about events for educational and cultural purposes relating information technology, marketing technology and financial technology
  • Providing technical advice and support relating to performance and operation of computers that require high levels of personal knowledge, skill or experience of the operators to meet the required accuracy in operating them
  • Computer programming
  • Analysis and consultancy for marketing research
  • Capital investments services
  • Settlement of payment, namely, bill payment services provided through a website
  • Creating and maintaining websites
  • First Penguin Award ceremonies and gala evenings for entertainment purposes

About Digital Garage

Co-founded by Kaoru Hayashi and Joi Ito in 1995 (Tokyo, Japan) Digital Garage is a context company leading the internet revolution in Japan for the past two decades. Synchronizing its main business segments: Incubation, Finance, Marketing and Long Term Incubation, Digital Garage continues to create services and products for the future and expand its network and reach globally.
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About DG Lab

A collaborative open innovation based R&D organization founded by Digital Garage, kakaku.com, and Credit Saison, DG Lab aims to create high-level products and services with a focus on 5 core technologies: Blockchain, Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Security, and Biotechnology.
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